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What do you get when you buy AMC with us…..

Why should I buy annual maintenance contract anyway….

When your air conditioners are not serviced , it under performs , so in that case it consumes more power and costs you more . so what you save by not buying a contract , you spend on your power bill . an analysis says if the air conditioners are not maintain they generally consumes annually average 37% more energy then what it should consume

Why 21 degree

21degree comes with 15 years of man experience in the field of hvac and repairing and maintenance ,

Type of maintenance contracts

We offer only non- comprehensive ( service only ) contract online , where wet / dry services are provided as per application ( home , office .. ect ) chosen .

Number of services offered

We have predominately finalise the no. of services required for each applications

HOME 3 1

Inclusion / exclusion

Inclusion –
a) no. of wet / dry services offered as per the application
b) any no. of complain calls throughout the year

exclusion –
a) does not includes any parts of the machine , if any part fails during the course of contract , it needs to be procured on chargeable basis
b) does not includes chemical wash ( where ac needs to be brought to service centre to be cleaned with specialise chemicals , charges as applicable
c) does not include gas filling in ac , though it may carry 1 month warranty from the date of gas charging , any leakage whining one month of gas charging would be done free of cost .
d) does not includes any kind of transportation

Attend time

Any complain would be attended within 24 hour time frame .

Resolving time

Service issue will be solved within 24 hours of receipt of the complain

( 24 hrs ) Process , in case it is registered as complain then it will be as follow

Day – 1 – attend and detecting problem as requires service ,the call will be transferred to service team on the same day

Day – 2 – in case of dry service , will be attend by service team

Day – 3 – in case of wet service , it will be attended within 3 days from the receipt of the complain

Water leakage

will be solved during the time when it is attended

( 24 hrs ) Gas leakage – will be resolved within 3 days from receipt of complain

( 3 days ) Process Day – 1 – detecting problem – gas leakage , quotation and approval ( please note , we do not proceed without an approval of the chargeable calls in writing )

Day – 2 – in case the cost has been approved then repairing the leakage and holding a nitrogen pressure for 24 hours to ensure no further leakage

Day – 3 – gas charging done ( it will carry one month warranty , in case gas is leaked within 1 month it will be refilled without a cost

Circuit/moter repair – when there is a failure of circuit , it generally takes 4 days to repair the same , but timing also depends on brand or the model and availability of parts , approximate time of repair will be communicated at the time of approval

( 4 days ) Process Day – 1 – attend and detecting problem as circuit failure

Day – 3 – providing repair cost and approximate repair time and getting approvals

Day – 4 - if the issue is minor , circuit would be installed by day 4 ,

In case of supply of new circuit , it will take 24 hrs to install from the date of receipt of the same

Compressor failure – it takes 5 days from the receipt of new compressor
( 5 days ) Day – 1 – attend and detecting problem as compressor failure After procuring compressor –
Day – 1 – installing new compressor at service centre , fillng nitrogen to check leakage and holding it for 24 hrs
Day – 3 – gas charging and checking the compressor for 24 hrs
Day – 4 – delivering outdoor to to the customer
Day – 5 – installing the machine

What is done when a technician comes for dry service
Time spend on dry service –

PROCESS – all the fins in an air conditioners are clean wit air blower and excessively clean with brush.

Check list – following points are checked along with service

  • Supply / return / grill tempreture
  • Voltage supply
  • Gas pressure
  • Power consumption
  • Photo

What is done when a technician comes for wet service
Time spend on wet service
SPLIT UNIT – maximum 60 mnts DUCT ABLE / CASSATTE UNIT – maximum 90 mnts PROCESS – all the fins in an air conditioners are clean with water and all the dust are removed with brush

Check list – following points are checked along with service

  • Supply / return / grill tempreture
  • Voltage supply
  • Gas pressure
  • Power consumption
  • Photo

21degree mobile app

For our valued customer we have introduced a customer centric mobile service app. At present it is available on google play store. How does an app work Once you have purchased an amc or ac with us , you will be provided with log in id and password to enter our app.

Once you have an excess to the app you will be able to use following features

  • Details of each ac room wise
  • Option of registering complain online
  • Option of checking status of complain
  • Keeping track of complaints through out the year
  • Getting service reminders and keeping track for the same
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